alanyaTurkey is a beautiful country thanks to its sandy beaches, the sun shines, smiling people, green mountains, turquoise sea, mosaic cultures, and historical heritage. Turkish real estate sectors rapidly increasing from 2002 after mortgage and International investors start buying.  If you are looking to buy your dream property abroad, Turkey should be your first option. Not only a holiday home but also a good investment with high Rental income.

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Where to buy property in Turkey?

Turkey has many beautiful cities such as Antalya, Alanya, İstanbul, Side, Marmaris, and Bodrum. Different properties for different lifestyles like sea view apartments, modern apartments close to city, sea view villas, and small apartments with full on-site facilities.

Turkey offers varied properties and cities for different lifestyles. After you decide to buy property in Turkey, you need to decide if you want to live in a small city by the sea, a busy town or you want to have seaside Properties close to the city center.

Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Fethiye is most popular areas to buy property. İn addition Bursa, Yalıkavak, İzmir, Marmaris, Belek, Side, Mahmutlar, Kaş, Kalkan are other popular citities we can recommend.

If you would like to have a cosmopolitan lifestyle in a bustling area, Istanbul is the place to buy for you. Property in Istanbul offering luxury apartments close to main centers, modern apartments in compounds  and villas

Istanbul has many cafes, bars, and many shopping malls for those who love shopping.  In addition, museums and historical places. This is a city everyone can find something for themself.

Both local and international investors are buying a property in Antalya. Real estate in  Lara and Konyaalti is a popular town.

Belek villas are hugely popular for its golfing facilities and lovely beaches

Undoubtedly Alanya is the most popular city for holiday home buyers. Alanya Properties offers a wide variety of beaches, city life, and history.

Apartment for sale in Alanya with a close to the sea with onsite facilities those who want to relax and city life whereas Bodrum Properties with stunning sea view.

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

The Turkish government announced at the date of 2018, that by Buying 250K US dollars, you can get Turkish Citizenship. This makes investing in Turkish real estate great sense.

Invest property  for rent in Turkey

Turkey host  45 million  Tourist in 2019 with an increase of 14.11 percent over the previous year. This was a record all the time. Due to Covid-19, we believe some of the tourists will not stay in a hotel where more than 1000 people in the same pool. This will increase private apartment renting. Generally, yearly yield in Antalya and Alanya between 5% to 7% in Turkey depends on property and location. However, the request for renting a private home will increase and yearly yield will increase especially touristic cities.

Short-term Rental becoming more and more popular in Alanya.


Real Estate and Apartments for sale in Alanya

Alanya becomes very popular recently for European home buyers because of its beauty and sandy beaches, nevertheless, the real estate in Alanya cheap compare to other holiday towns like Spain and French and other holiday resort in Turkey like Bodrum and Marmaris. Alanya is making  30% of foreign real estate in Turkey. There are of course many reasons why the real estate market is so high in Alanya.

Property prices in Alanya one of the main reasons. Real estate in Alanya comprises of beachfront apartments, attractive residential complexes, modern villas, and city apartments and prices in Alanya starting from as little as 29000 Euros 

The tourist number of Alanya increasing year by year. Alanya is mostly popular by European, Russian and Scandinavian holidaymakers. 

Alanya ‘s population was 90.000 in the year 2000 however Alanya is population is over 300.000 today. Because of demand and the increasing number of tourists the rent prices are getting higher. The Property is in Alanya possible to rent out short term for tourists or long term. Alanya Property guaranteed yearly high rental income to the investor. If you want to have a property in Alanya, please check Property in Alanya and villa for sale in Alanya

Besides this, there is 2 international Airport close to Alanya. Gazipaşa Airport is only 30 minutes from Alanya and Antalya Airport is about 2 hours from Alanya. There are many direct flights from Alanya Airport to London, Norway, Russia, Nederland, and Germany. Gazipaşa Airport is the new Airport for Alanya After this Airport opened the Property prices are affected positively.

Real estate in Alanya new, modern, and attractive. Because most of the Alanya Apartments for sale are less than 10 years old. Since the workmanship is cheap in Alanya, old building rebuilt to new and modern apartments 

Summary, Real Estate in Alanya is affordable, high return, and good quality. Basic Apartment real estate is highly recommended to buy a villa or apartment in Alanya for the high return on investment and rent income.


Why Should You Buy Property In Turkey?

Turkey is a great country and offers a variety of lifestyles. Whether hustle of bustling city life or a quiet peaceful life by the beach, you will find in Turkey. With its 18. Million population Istanbul is the largest city in the World. for those who love the hustle of bustling city life.

Affordable living

The cost of living in Turkey is cheap compared to many other countries. For example, the cost of living in Turkey is 59.04% lower than in the United States and Turkey is cheaper than in 95% of countries in the World. If you are retired in your country, you can live comfortably with your salary in Turkey

An average monthly cost of living in Turkey 600 Euros however it might be changed from cities to other

Affordable property prices

Property prices are nearly 1/3 priced compared to Spain in Turkey.  You will get more for the value of your money in Turkey.

There are of course luxury expensive Properties as well however you can find a nice property within your budget

Turkish Economy

Turkish has the 17th biggest  economy in the World and yearly GDP growth ( Gross Domestic Product) 7.4% in 2017

Low Taxes

When you are buying a property in Turkey you are paying only %4  buying tax but you will pay about %12 in Spain.

If you want your saving to stay in a Turkish bank, you will not pay any tax for your saving

You will also not pay inheritance taxes.  If we summarized, you pay low taxes in Turkey.

Direct Flights from many countries

Turkish airlines are fly to most countries in the World. Tui, SAS, Easyjet's, Sun Express, Norwegian are just a few airlines that fly directly to Turkey

Smiling People

Turkey has full of hospitable people, even though some of them can not speak English, they will make them welcome by body language. This because they moved from eastern culture.

Turkish Kitchen

Turkish kitchen is the heritage of different countries that were lived in the Anatolia- ottoman empire- Armenia-Balkan countries- Greece- middle eastern. While enjoying  delicious Turkish food, Be careful with weights 😊

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