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Real Estate in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey become very popular last several years by Russian and European home buyers. Turkey is a beautiful place to live in and living cost is very cheap in Turkey. You can enjoy the natural beauty, the rich culture, and great food. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they visit Turkey because they expect heat, desert, and old buildings but get pleasant Mediterranean weather in regions like Alanya and beautifully planned cities. Turkey has several expats who enjoy the unique environment and take advantage of the thriving real estate market in the country. You can lease or purchase a charming apartment right next to the beach at a comfortably low price.


Apartments for sale in Turkey

There are some advantages to buy apartments in Turkey such as location, price, living cost, and expected price increasing. Apartments for sale in Turkey is nearly 40% cheaper compared to Spain.

Turkey has a very good Geographical position like a bridge between Europe and Asia. Within 3 hours flight, you can reach more than 50 countries. There are many direct flights from Turkey to Russia, the middle east and Europe.

Living costs in Turkey very cheap seacially foods and services.

Property prices cheap compared to Spain and Italy. Turkish apartments start from as little as 29000 Euros such as popular resort Alanya. Mostly the apartments have social activities including spa and Gym.


Amenities of Apartments in Turkey

Modern apartments in Turkey come with modern amenities as well. You can expect ample parking spaces, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, and other such facilities. The apartment buildings form communities so you can easily socialize with others and develop connections with your neighbors. This is very helpful to people new to the region as the older residents can help them become familiar with the local environment.


Real Estate in Alanya

Alanya becomes very popular last years for European home buyers because of its beauty and sandy beaches, nevertheless, the real estate in Alanya cheap compare other holiday towns like Spain and French. Real estate in Alanya even cheaper other holiday resort like Bodrum and Marmaris. Alanya is making about 30% of foreigner real estate in Turkey. There are of course many reasons why the real estate market is so high in Alanya. Property prices in Alanya one of the main reasons. Real estate in Alanya comprises of beachfront apartments, attractive residential complexes, modern villas, and city apartments. Real estate prices in Alanya starting from 29000 Euros 

Property prices in Alanya increase by about 10% every year. Foreigner investor is interested to buy property in Alanya Because of high increasing.

The tourist number of Alanya increasing year by year. Alanya is mostly popular by European, Russian and Scandinavian holidaymakers. 

Alanya ‘s population was 90.000 in the year 2000 however Alanya is population is over 300.000 today. Because of demand and the increasing number of tourists the rent prices are getting higher. The Property is in Alanya possible to rent out short term for tourists or long term. Alanya Property guaranteed yearly high rental income for the investor. If you want to have a property in Alanya, please click

Besides this, there is 2 international Airport close to Alanya. Gazipaşa Airport is only 30 minutes from Alanya and Antalya Airport is about 2 hours from Alanya. There are many direct flights from Alanya Airport to London, Norway, Russia, Nederland, and Germany. Gazipaşa Airport is the new Airport for Alanya After this Airport opened the Property prices are affected positively.

Real estate in Alanya new, modern and attractive. Because most of the Alanya Apartments for sale are less than 10 years old. Since the workmanship is cheap in Alanya, old building rebuilt to new and modern apartments 

Summary, Real Estate in Alanya is affordable, high return and good quality. Basic Apartment real estate is highly recommended to buy a villa or apartment in Alanya for the high return on investment and rent income.


Apartments in Alanya

Apartments in Alanya mostly newly built, different types such as with pool, sea view Alanya apartments, city apartment in Alanya center, penthouse apartments with large terrace. The size starts from 35 sqm studio apartments and goes up to 250 sqm 4 bedroom aparments. You can also find 350 sqm 6 bedroom penthouse in Alanya. We have apartments for sale in Alanya city center and also in Mahmutlar, Oba, Cikcilli,  Kestel, Kargicak, Avsallar, Konakli and Demirtaş. Find from our wide selection of apartments for sale in Alanya

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