Fast Answer Question of real estate in Turkey

Can foreigner buy property in Turkey?

Yes, Foreigner can buy property in Turkey

How much is maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee differs depending on the complex social areas and the number of employees However it is about 50 euros. You can montly or yearly to their account number.

What is TAPU?

TAPU means title deed in Turkish. TAPU is showing the legal owner of a property.  The only place to get the Title deed of the property is the Local Land registry office

Can I Open bank Account in Turkey?

Yes, you can open a bank account in Turkey.  Basic Apartment real estate help you to open bank account in Turkey

Can I rent my property after I buy?

Yes, you can rent your property and earn a certain amount of income every month

How much ı should invest to get Turkish citizenship?

you should invest min. 400.000 USD to get Turkish citizenship

How much is the buying cost?

There is some cost when buying property in Turkey.  It differs from property to others. for more details please click here

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Alanya is a resort located on the southern coast of Turkey. The clean city beaches of the resort are marked with a blue flag. Summers are quite hot with little to no precipitation, while winters are warm and rainy. In winter...

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