Step by Step Buying Guide

Step by Step Buying Guide  | Basic  Apartment


1. Step: Making a contract for the purchase and making a deposit.

Once the sale has been agreed, a purchase contract is drawn up, which must be signed by the buyer and seller, and the deposit shall be paid. Before signing a contract, it is necessary to check whether all the agreements are included in the document. For example, household appliances are included in the price, the apartment will be additionally painted and other nuances that are discussed in advance and etc. Also the type of payment and payment stages. After signing the contract and making a deposit, this document becomes binding on both parties. The deposit is usually 10% of the property value. Our company does not recommend depositing more than 10% of the total property cost.

2. Step: Application at the TAPU center

The title deed transfer application in Turkey is very similar to that of many other European countries.

The seller makes an application for ownership of the title deed for the property with the documents listed below:

Documents from the buyer:

  • Foreign currency exchange certificate

Foreigners were obliged to exchange foreign currency for real estate purchases. foreigners will sell their foreign currency to the Central Bank through the bank in real estate purchases. The amount should. The amount of currency exchange must be equal to the title deed value. It shouldn't be the market price:

  • Passport copy
  • Statement of Identity Information form

The form is as below. Need to be filled with Latin characters:

identity form

  • Turkish Tax number

To get the Tax number,  passport copy, father's name and mother's name should be declared to the authority:

  • Biometric photos
  • Deed of Real estate Pursuance Labor Contract

Sample official contract is as below:

  • Appraisal Report

How to apply for a transfer of ownership?

To apply to TAPU, the date and time should be set on the TAPU center website. During the meeting, the documents mentioned above are transferred to the department. The buyer will receive a state tax payment number on their mobile phone. The tax is paid at the bank. After payment, you will receive a message which will indicate the date and time of the meeting for the final signing. Now, you are ready to receive your title deed.

After you paid the stamp duty and you will get the next SMS telling what time is meeting for the final sign. Now you are ready for finalizing the transfer of title deed. 

3. Step: Transfer of documents on the rights to property.

Upon completion of the process, the buyer and seller must meet in person at the TAPU center for the transfer of ownership. A government translator will be available to assist foreign buyers in the office After the transfer of ownership, the balance of the cost will be paid to the seller, before signing the receipt of the TAPU document.

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