Granting Power of Attorney to Buy Property in Turkey

Notarized Power of Attorney in Turkey

If you are unable to be present at the transfer of an apartment in your name, you can authorize another person to represent you at the Land Registry Department to complete the purchase or sale of your property in Turkey. If you are unable to be in Turkey during the title deed transfer process, you can appoint a lawyer or Basic Apartment real estate person as your representative and we can handle the entire procedure for you.

When issuing power of attorney to another person, he/she may act on your behalf to complete the entire process.

A power of attorney can be issued at a Turkish notary, at a Turkish consulate or embassy in your country. While you are making a power of attorney with a notary or consulate/embassy, a sworn translator must be ready to translate the entire document into your native language.

If you are sending a power of attorney from your own country, the documents must be Apostilled.

Required documents for power of attorney:

1. 2 photos
2. Turkish tax number
3. Sworn translator
4. Passport translation
5. Passport
6. Turkish identification number of the authorized person.

Please see the frequently asked questions and answers below. For more information about power of attorney when buying property in Turkey, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power of Attorney in Turkey:

Question: How to send a power of attorney abroad?

Answer: If you want to send a power of attorney from another country to Turkey, first of all you must get the text from a Turkish notary, and also get an apostille stamp.

Question: How to cancel a power of attorney?

Answer: Whenever you wish to revoke a power of attorney in Turkey, you can do so at any time. To revoke a power of attorney, you must bring a copy of the power of attorney or state the date the power of attorney was issued.

When you give someone a power of attorney, please carefully read or listen to what is given to you, what is included in this power of attorney. We would recommend issuing a limited power of attorney or limiting this power of attorney in time. Usually one year is enough for this.

Question: What do you recommend when issuing a power of attorney?

When issuing a power of attorney, you need to check some details. The first thing you should check is that you only need to provide power of attorney for the property you will be buying or selling. When you give power of attorney, you must set a time limit, such as one month or one year.

Question: What types of powers of attorney are available in Turkey?

Answer: In essence, there are no different types of powers of attorney, however, there are different restrictions for granting. You can submit a specific subject, or a general POA, which means you are granting the power of attorney as a whole.

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