What to do after buying an apartment

What to do after buying an apartment

After completing the purchase of property in Turkey, you will need to take care of some other procedures, such as electricity and water re-registered in your name, informing the municipality of the purchase. At Basic Apartment Real Estate, we can arrange this for you with a minimum of hassle. Most apartments have public internet access available in the residential complex. However, if you would like to have a private Internet connection at home, we will also arrange this for you.

How to re-register electricity in Turkey in your name:

Those who want to get an electric subscription in Turkey must apply to the authorized office of the company with the necessary documents. When you receive a subscription for the first time, a deposit is charged, but in case of cancellation or cancellation of the subscription, the deposit is returned to you by the bank or given in cash.

Required document for obtaining electricity subscription in Turkey:

- A copy of the notarial deed. If you are purchasing your own apartment, a copy of the title deed is required, if you are renting an apartment, a rental agreement is required.

- DASK (earthquake insurance)

- Serial number of the electric meter. If you buy a new building, the developer installs an electric meter in your apartment, and if you buy an apartment on the secondary market, then the electric meter is already installed in the apartment.

- Copy of the passport

- Tax number

Water connection:

The local municipality is authorized to supply water to the apartments, in order to obtain a water subscription, you must contact the local government water supply departments with the following documents.

Required documents for obtaining a water pass in Turkey:

- Subscription application form

- Passport and a copy of the passport

- Building with a permit

- ISKAN (passport of the property)

- Declaration of property

-DASK (earthquake insurance)

Required documents for obtaining a gas subscription in Turkey:

The gas pipeline does not cover all cities, but only large cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Mersin, Izmir. To connect natural gas after buying a property, you must apply to their Office. The property is checked and, if appropriate, the municipality connects gas to your apartment. Approximate cost is about 270 euros.

Electricity and water are usually paid monthly, and property tax is paid either twice a year or as an annual payment. We recommend that you set up automatic payment in your bank's app. Or contact our Basic Apartment company, we can take care of all your bills and annual payments on time so you don't have to worry about it. The easiest solution is to sign a maintenance agreement for your apartment and all its bills with Basic Apartment Real Estate to take care of everything even when you are not in Turkey.

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