Sun is Shining in Alanya about 300 days in a year

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About Alanya

Alanya is a resort located on the southern coast of Turkey. The clean city beaches of the resort are marked with a blue flag. Summers are quite hot with little to no precipitation, while winters are warm and rainy. In winter, the average air temperature is +14 ° C, and the sea +18 ° C. In summer, the average air temperature is +27 ° C, and the sea +25 ° C. Snow here is considered a rare natural phenomenon.

The Taurus Mountains, covered in snow in winter and rising over 2,000 meters above sea level, are a natural barrier to the cold winter winds. Thanks to such natural conditions, the winter in Alanya is quite warm. In spring, more than 20 rivers flow from the tops of the mountains, carrying melt water with them to the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, every valley here is a beautiful, pleasant area for a picnic and rafting. Large evergreen trees grow on the plateau on the hills. There are ideal places for jeep safari and trekking. And behind the walls of the fortress of Alanya, you can find 16 endemic (unique, growing only in this place) plants.

A brief history of Alanya:

The man settled in the local caves almost 20 thousand years ago. Later, according to Herodotus, before the Trojan War there was a country with many cities, the borders of which stretched from Pamphylia to Cilicia. And in ancient times, many pirates operated in the local waters, and even Rome, the world empire of those times, had no power over them. In medieval times, the city was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, but later served the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate. The Sultan loved the city so much that after the reconstruction of the city he named it after himself. Alanya had many names: Coracesium, Kalonoros and Alaiye. Today, Alanya, with its thousand-year history, has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geographic location, climate and vegetation cover

Alanya is located in the province of Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Alanya has about 300 sunny days a year. Citrus trees play an important role in the life of the local population. Alanya is famous for its lemon, orange and other citrus trees that dot the streets of the city.

Modern Alanya

After Alanya took its place in the tourism sector in the 50s, the city, thanks to the skillful actions of the government, became an example for other cities and countries, especially in the field of tourism. Thanks to its clean beaches, beautiful nature, high-quality hotels, museums, sports centers, cultural and artistic events, Alanya annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Alanya has 12 sister cities, eleven of which are European, whose residents are sincerely connected with each other.

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