Property buying details and cost in Turkey

How to safely buy an apartment in Turkey

Property buying details and cost in Turkey

Have you decided to buy property in Turkey? what are cost and reliable way of buying cost and procedure?

When you decide to buy property in Turkey, the first thing you should do is to find a reliable real estate company. Once you have found you the overseas property you should make a contract. 

Property Purchase Contract

Property Purchase contract is made between buyer, seller and real estate broker. You can make together or better you can make this contract with a lawyer. In this contract, the details of the property must be written correctly. what is important in property purchase contract in Turkey

This important information is seller name, the address of the property.
you should be careful is payment details. deposit amount and total amount must be written correctly and the date of the payment.
Seller, Buyer and broker ID card should be attached
Tittle deed should be attached

Property Stamp Duty

Property stamp duty is 4% for apartments and 3% for lands, However, you should pay from declaration amount. And 750 TL transaction fee is paid.

Declaration Amount of Property

Before you go to the land registry office you need to get the minimum range of your property. The minimum range of your property is given by the municipality office. while you are getting this amount if there is any yearly tax which is not paid, this tax has to be paid.

After you get the minimum range of property you declare this to the land registry or you can increase the declaration amount. But if you will get the mortgage this amount should be more then your mortgage amount. 

Land registry application

When you get the declaration amount, the seller has to apply for the transfer of title deed. you also need to get an appointment for applying. here is the link where you can apply The seller has to be ready at the land registry office with the documents below

Minimum range of property from the municipality
2 photos of the seller
Id card of the seller
ID or passport of buyer
2 photos of the buyer
Tax number of buyer

Transfer of Title Deed

When all documents are given the stamp duty should be paid to Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank or Garanti Bank. the land registry office is sent a reference number via SMS. with the reference number, your stamp duty is paid.

buyer and seller should be ready at the land registry office at the appointment time. If one side is foreigner the sworn translator also should be ready. The buyer must be careful about there is no mortgage from before. Usually, the officer tells this but you can also ask the officer.

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