How to Buy Online Real Estate in Turkey

How to Buy Online Real Estate in Turkey - Basic Apartment

How to buy online property in Turkey

Buying online real estate in Turkey seems complicated but it is not. As all the international flights are canceled Due to Covid-19, Basic apartment real estate offers you to buy online real estate. It is Easy and safe. Select from our wide listing, and you can see photos, locations, prices and descriptions from the web page. Contact our multi-language sales team. Your sales representatives will make a video call, and show you the view from the balcony and all the details of the apartment. In addition common areas, facilities such as a spa, pool, roads, and location. During this video call, your sales team will answer all your questions.  Once you agreed on the price you can also have a video call with the owner of the real estate.

After the online contract is signed our team will give all the necessary information about power of attorney from your country.

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