Property Selling Guide in Turkey


Step 1 Selling contract with Basic Apartment Real Estate

The contract contains property information, selling price and commission. The price is decided by the seller, however, our local expert advises you the best possible price depending on the market today. It is also fine to write in contract start and finish date.


Step 2 Apartment inspection, repair, and cleaning

After the Selling contract signed apartment is checked and we make the checklist. The minor mistakes are repaired because these small issues just make difficult to sell. If you have some budged it would be always nice to upgrade your home. for example, Changing the color of the wall and kitchen might give a totally different effect on the buyer.


Step 3 Photos and Videos

Now it is time to take photos and videos of the property. The photos very important because usually, the buyer sees the first time to the apartment from a magazine or internet page. The first effect is very important for the buyer because if they like the photos they would like to get more details or look for the apartment. Before you took the photos, the apartment should be clean and neat. 


Step 4 Marketing your property

With all the photos and details we prepare a brochure for your apartment and then we just start marketing with our web page, agent and different web pages. 


Step 5 Receiving Offer

when we got an offer we immediately send the offer to you via Telephone or emails of curse it is up to you to agree to offer or not


Step 6 Offer Agreed and Contract

Once you agree to the offer we inform the buyer via telephone or emails. We make contact with the buyer and get a deposit payment. The deposit payments are usually 10%. We start collecting documents to exchange the title deed. Our company will guide you through the whole process. both parties' documents are given to the Land registry office, Stump duty is paid and meeting time decided.


Step 7 Completion

Both parties meet at the land registry office. If one party cannot present we can present with power of attorney. Full  payment is done, buyer and seller sign the documents and After now it is time for everyone to celebrate




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