Sell Property in Turkey

Are you considering selling your property in Turkey?  

Selling  Property in Turkey might be very complicated and stressful. Now it is time to sit back and relax without worries, with Basic Apartment you can take advantage of content marketing tools to sell your property in Turkey in the shortest time frame and safest possible with excellent customer service and lucrative prices.

Our marketing tools and professional team make us an ideal choice when searching for real estate in Turkey


Life is full of surprises you might have different reasons to sell your property therefore whatever your reason is to sell your property whether It is time to get cash from it or change it with another one, We work based on commission so will use all our experience to sell your apartment in the fastest time with competitive prices. We will explain and show you how to do it with our experienced members

once you agree to sell or rent your property with Basic Apartment we will work very hard to sell your property. We use selected digital marketing tools such as Google, Tranio,,, Instagram and Facebook. All these marketing platforms need different knowledge, text, and photo. Our professional team is will take care of this.

Contact us now If you would like to sell your property in Turkey in the safest way.


Basic Apartment's Obligation When Selling of Your Home in Turkey

-Taking picture of your apartment

-Advertise your property in and different web pages

-Arrange sales materials with the separate brochure

-To hang For Sale banner

Basic Apartment selling service is totally FREE, we only get the commission when your property sold



How Much is Your Property Worth in Turkey?

To book free valuation please contact us or click







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