The Property Market in Turkey

The real estate market is like a wave, it up and down with some period. the important point is that if you are buying when the waves down. so the question is how about the property market in Turkey now?

The property market suffered badly due to Syria and Financial things however this is good news for who would like to buy property in Turkey. The property buyer gets incredible bargains while they are buying property in Turkey. This was similar situation some years ago in Spain the buyers earn the significant amount of money now.

Generally, the price is 30% cheaper in Turkey compare to Spain and in 2016 the prices go up in Spain because the European buyer chose Spain due to war in Syria. The price goes down in Turkey due to the insufficient request. Especially in holiday destination which is mostly Europeans, buyers were requested. the property market in Turkey, Istanbul didn’t affect at first glance cause of many investors from many different counties especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar are buying from Istanbul. So you can buy your property half price compared to Spain now.

simply in 2017 I prefer Turkey to buy Property

Nyheter 4.04.2017
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