Alanya once considered as heaven on earth by mythical gods and reserved for their lust  and   A former seaside bastion for a succession of Mediterranean powers struggling to settle their powers, Alanya has boomed in recent decades and is a densely populated tourist haven for predominantly Dutch and Scandinavian sunseekers and peaceful retirement location seekers

 At night, the downtown area can resemble Miami by the sea  – aside from taking a boat cruise or a stroll along the waterfront, many visitors only shuffle between their hotel's pool and all-inclusive buffet restaurant, perhaps dropping into a raucous nightclub after dark But those who own their apartment  and properties even as foreigners enjoy the best out of Alanya because constant feelings of being treated like kings and queens bring them back and make them never give up on their properties although country s certain situations can fluctuate . Looking up from the bars and tattoo parlours for a minute and peering into the night sky to gaze at the stars is a feeling which is addictive to anyone including my self who was born in Turkey and living in Canada at present and you'll find Alanya has abundant charms. Looming high above the promontory, to the south of the modern center, is an impressive fortress complex with the remains of a fine Seljuk castle, some atmospheric ruins and a sprinkling of traditional red-tile-roofed houses rimming the alleys that climb up the hillside. Alanya is a tale of two cities if ever we saw it.


if you own a property at the outskirts of powerful Taurus mountains which host the most beautiful landscapes and rivers cascades and caves you are guaranteed to wake up with the most uplifting feelings which will be brought to you by the scents of flowers.


if you own a property close to the beach without question and no need to explain the feelings you will experience are capable of making anyone tempted and envy.

every country has its own beauty when it comes to comparison with another but turkey Alanya is the ultimate level of joy happiness and antidepressant effects.

buying property in Alanya only and only brings profit even if you would decide to sell in the next year you will be guaranteed making lucrative profits on it.

depletion of  Alanya property in values has never been experienced even in the worst situation.

Turkey the county a nation which has been declared by many as the Paris of middle east became the safe heaven for investors especially for property investment although the country has faced and encountered certain difficulties last 30 years it is still steadfast strong powerful and able to dare and challenge many other nations in economy and cultures .