Property Valuation in Turkey

 Property Valuation is the most important point when buying or selling property in Turkey. Because what if they come with the poor valuation? In this situation you will lose money and time

when you want to sell your property in Turkey, you can make a wrong valuation of the property. Because as a property owner, you can mix your emotion into this. Therefore, it is essential to engage with an independent, professional agent to value your property in Turkey.

As Basic Apartment real estate, we have a completely free valuation service for your property in Turkey. Our dedicated team will use their experience and knowledge for the valuation of your property and of course, the price should be beneficial for you. We would be happy to archive the best for your Property in Turkey


How do you calculate the value of a Property

Firstly what does market value means? Market value is what the market is willing to pay your property within a reasonable time. The buyer and seller come together and agree with its actual worth. It's like the stock market. How we calculate the value of the property? Please continue to read


Similar Property Checks

We are looking for similar properties which have been sold last 3 months. It's important the target Properties must be similar features like size, location, shops nearby, bus stop and quality

How is the walk score? How far from the bus stop? Are they a cafe nearby?

If there is an on-site facility in the complex? Sea view or not?

Fully furnished or empty?

How about property quality? If the finishes and materials being used superior or inferior? If a property has super finishes with high-level materials or  property finished with basic finishes


Market Request

If you are in a hot market that Properties are selling quickly, it's obvious that the price is increasing.  When the market is hot usually the buyer is acting with emotional, and it ends up the buyer is paying more for the same Properties. Because the buyers have the fear to miss property.

When the market is slow the buyers have an idea that they get cheap if they wait, in this situation the buyers are looking at the most attractive price.

Property Valuation Based on Rent Yield

Usually used for commercial shops valuation. First of all, we need to find Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) for the specific location.

Gross Rent multiplier is How many years your investment becomes a break-even point in the area? Average, this is 15 years in Turkey.

If a shop annual rent income is 30K Euros

Value of Property = Annual rent income  x Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)


If you want to sell or just curious about the value of your property, please contact us or visit the Basic Apartment real estate office Alanya.



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