Property for Sale in Istanbul

If you are looking for property for sale in Istanbul or apartments for sale in Istanbul at local prices, then you are in the right place.  We are happy to provide you with all the guidance and advice you will need to find real estate in Turkey, and we have a vast portfolio of excellent apartments for sale in Istanbul.  Whether you are looking for luxurious living in advantageous areas of the city or looking for a simple apartment in one of Istanbul’s beautiful natural areas, our offices are ready to help you find the perfect real estate in Turkey for you.  As a major stakeholder in the local real estate market in Istanbul, we pride ourselves on having the lowest possible prices, best locations, and best overall terms.

Types of Real Estate in Istanbul

Broadly speaking, real estate in Istanbul falls into three separate categories:

  1. Luxury Residences.  These are well-managed residences usually built in high-rise towers which also contain shopping facilities, restaurants, and other amenities under a single roof.  These tend to be the most expensive properties in Istanbul, and are located in prime commercial locations such as Sisli, Levent, and Mecidiyekoy.
  2. Turkish-style Apartments.  These are older apartment blocks that typically feature very little in terms of on-site amenities, but are located in some of the best and most valued spots in the city. Depending upon the location and apartment quality, these properties can be quite expensive as well.  Compared to newer construction and luxury tower apartments, Turkish-style apartments are quite basic, but for the investor who is seeking a beautiful home with amazing views, these blocks of apartments in Bebek, Nisantasi, and even Sisli are unique and wonderful locations.
  3. Shanty Houses.  These homes can be found in all corners of the city, from the outskirts to some of the most prestigious neighborhoods.  These are usually illegally constructed buildings on hilltops and along side streets in Istanbul, and as a result are in fairly poor condition, and most don’t even have a title deed.  However, since 2005, the Turkish government has been targeting these sorts of properties in an initiative called “Urban Transformation,” wherein larger developers in the city are encouraged to redevelop these shanty houses and their parcels into modern, luxurious residences.  These projects are transforming areas all over the city, including Bomanti, Beyoglu, and Karakoy, and has been very successful in improving property values in these areas.

Prime Locations for Istanbul Apartments for Sale

The areas of Istanbul Real estate which are considered prime locations in the Istanbul property boom are in prominent locations like Sisli, Levent, Macka, Bebek, Beyoglu, and Bosporus districts.  In these prime locations, luxury apartments are highly prized and sought – however, for the foreign buyer seeking an apartment for sale in Istanbul, extremely affordable and off-plan properties exist in the outskirts of the city, in areas like  Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, and  Buyukcekmece.  These suburban areas are developing very quickly, and promise the potential for a great deal of growth in value as the city of Istanbul continues to expand. 

Let Us Help You Find Istanbul, Turkey Real Estate

As a home to nearly 16 million people, the beautiful and diverse city of Istanbul is a true melting pot where people of hundreds of nationalities, religion, and culture live together, drawn to Turkey by the desire to capitalize on everything Istanbul has to offer, including Istanbul real estate.  Allow us to help you gain a foothold in one of the northern hemisphere’s fastest growing and most important cultural, economic, and political hubs.  Contact us today and find Istanbul,  Turkey real estate that is perfect for you.


İstanbul Straddling west and east. İstanbul is world shining city in Turkey. there are old apartments and beside new apartments have built. the Apartment price is Istanbul start from 100.000 euro and goes up to million euros. we have many different types of apartment for sale in Istanbul. 

invest in İstanbul is a reliable investment. the city getting more and more popular and the prices are going up about 10 percent in a year.

Transport is one of major effect to choose an apartment in İstanbul. It would have been good to choose apartment close to Metro or Metrobus, however, the price changes depends on how close to main transport.