Alanya once considered as heaven on earth by mythical gods and reserved for their lust  and   A former seaside bastion for a succession of Mediterranean powers struggling to settle their powers, Alanya has boomed in recent decades and is a densely populated tourist haven for predominantly Dutch and Scandinavian sunseekers and peaceful retirement location seekers 

Alanya is known for its geography, historical assets, and beyond comparison beaches of the Mediterranean region. It has a popular attraction for European and Russian tourists in recent years and the number of tourists has been increasing since then. 

With the real estate sales to foreigners permitted by the state of Turkey, the sales in Alanya increased together with the city's economy, rapidly.

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How much does property for sale in Alanya cost?

The biggest reason why Alanya real estate industry is so active is that its price is low-cost compared to its counterparts. In Alanya, you can buy real estate at very attractive prices starting from 25,000 euros. A 2 + 1 (Two rooms and a living room) apartment can be found for 49,000 euros, a 3 + 1 apartment for 59,000 euros, and a Villa can be found for 120,000 euros.


You can find various types of real estate in Alanya. For example;

A one-bedroom apartment in a site, a two-bedroom apartment close to the city and social amenities, spacious apartments with three or four bedrooms, Penthouses with large balconies and unique views, Modern villas with private pool.


Average Property prices in Alanya


The average house price in Alanya is € 800 per square meter.

Brand new built seafront properties € 1600 per square meter.

New Apartment close to the beach and the shops € 800 per square meter.

Apartment in a middle-aged building € 500 per square meter.

Modern villa with a private pool of € 1000 per square meter.


Why should you buy a property in Alanya?

 There are many reasons why you should buy a property in Alanya but here are the main reasons

1. Real estate price is low, but increasing.

2. Many international costumers have already bought their properties in Alanya

3. There are international schools such as Russian, and German schools. Some other private schools such as Bahçeşehir and Ted Koleji are accepting international students.

4. 300 days sunny in a year

5. Low-cost living and you can find always fresh vegetables and fruits.

6. Safe and secure: low crime rate.

7. Private hospitals that cover your insurance policy.


Where to buy property in Alanya?


Alanya is a city with a coast length of 72 km between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean. There are settlements both in the east and west of the center of Alanya. The most distinguished districts of Alanya are Mahmutlar, Oba, Kestel, Tosmur, Cleopatra, and Konaklı. If you want to live in the city life, Alanya city center houses and Cleopatra district are for you. You can typically find small, newly built houses, or old houses at your discretion. The newly built apartments in Alanya city center and Cleopatra have social facilities like swimming pools, Gym, elevator.  The prices are approximately 1200 euros per square meter. Old buildings in Alanya city center are usually cheaper and great investment opportunities. Because soon enough, these houses will be demolished and replaced in no time and the value of your houses will be doubled. Other popular districts are as below

Oba, Alanya

It is undoubtedly the most popular region of Alanya for domestic and foreign investors and only 3 km from Alanya city center. Its most important qualities are beautiful beaches, a large bazaar, shopping centers, low-rise buildings, and beautiful hiking trails. The buildings in this region are usually 10 years old and their prices are 600 euros per square meter. With all these features, Oba is a fresh candidate to become the new center of Alanya.


Mahmutlar, Alanya

It is located in the east of Alanya and is only 12 km away from the city center. Thanks to its high-rise and new buildings, reasonable prices, and beautiful boulevards, it is one of the most preferred regions for foreign investors and holiday house seekers. Most of the houses are brand new and m2 prices are around 500 Euros.


Kargıcak, Alanya

It is 20 km from Alanya city center and 25 km from Alanya airport. Thanks to its lush and natural setting and the most beautiful beach bay of Alanya, it hosts luxury villas with sea views and 5-star hotels.


Kestel, Alanya

One of the most popular districts of Alanya. It hosts the state university and a very good boulevard.  It has apartments with a fascinating sea view, has on-site facilities like swimming pool, sauna, Gym


Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra beach is the most popular beach in Alanya and Cleopatra area is a very lovely area for tourists and Turkish people. for more about property in Cleopatra please click the link apartments-in-alanya-cleopatra-beach