Property Buying Guide in Turkey

Our property buying guide pages, clear and easy for everyone. Buying property in Turkey can be a bit overwhelming. It is important to have a trusted business partner with you.  Once you decide to buy property in Turkey, Basic Apartments is at your service with our multi-linguistic team.


When you pick your property, the official buying process is  Easy in Turkey. Basic Apartment real estate makes the process smooth, safe and easy for you. However, to pick the correct property its not Easy. For a successful buying, you should plan your budget, your lifestyle property, bank loan, location and the size of the property. This research will save you time and lead you to a successful buying in Turkey.


At Basic Apartment; our team will ask you many questions to find the correct property for you. After our sales representatives realized your wish, he or she will show a few properties for you even though we have more than a thousand properties in our Portfolio.


As Basic Apartment, we don't measure our success by selling the most expensive property, but the correct one.


When you pick a property, a trusted real estate is always important but also who is behind the property? If you pick an off-plan project or new project from the developer, the company behind the project is very important. Who is behind the project? Is this company trustable? If you choose a resale apartment, a good contract made by a real estate company is important.

At Basic Apartment real estate, you have advantages of buying from 15 years' experience and service after buying the property.


Important Buying Guide Notes when buying property

-If you are going to buy a property with a bank loan please bring your credit paper from your country. Buying process with a bank loan takes about one week, so plan your trip correctly

-Do not forget to take an electric or a water bill which shows your home address

-The property should have a title deed only and the land registry Office is authorized to conveyancing the deed. With a lawyer contract or real estate contract you can not get the title deed

-You don't need to bring large sums of cash with you, usually paying about 5% deposit is enough, rest can be transfer from the bank

Who can buy property in Turkey?

Property buying in Turkey increasing year by year according to Land Registry statistic. According to the new regulations issued in 2013, except for a few countries, every citizen can buy real estate in Turkey.

If you are buying land As a foreigner; the land cannot be in the military zone and the maximum limits of buying are 30 hectares. For more information please click the link


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Buying Guide

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