Eiendom market nyheter i Tyrkia

Verdens største flyplass åpnet i IstanbulVerdens største flyplass åpnet i IstanbulVerdens største flyplass i Istanbul, som har en kapasitet på 200 millioner passasjerer, 29 oktober 2018 3.11.2018les merNew Foreign Investor Record in AlanyaNew Foreign Investor Record in AlanyaThe proportion of foreign investors in residential sales in September showed a record rise in Turkey for the last 2 years has reached 18 percent. 22.10.2018les merRent in Euro And  Dollar Period is Over in TurkeyRent in Euro And Dollar Period is Over in TurkeyPresidential Decree Released: Rent period over with Dollar and Euro in Turkey. With the new Presidential Decree published in Turkey all foreign currency contracts were canceled. 23.09.2018les merTurkish Citizenship Limits ReducedTurkish Citizenship Limits ReducedBuy property for 250000 dolars to get Turkish Citizenship 19.09.2018les merProperty Buying Process in Alanya Shorter nowProperty Buying Process in Alanya Shorter nowwhen a foreigners buying property in Alanya to theirs names, they will follow same procudere like Turkish citizenship 17.12.2017les merHome insurance in TurkeyHome insurance in TurkeyHome insurance in Turkey is an important topic about real estate. It is a requirement insurance for earthquake which is called DASK. 4.04.2017les merTurkish Residence PermitTurkish Residence Permit The Foreigners who want to stay more then 90 days in 180 days are required to apply for residence permit. Basic Alanya will be following the procedure you until you get your visa. 1.04.2017les merThe Property Market in TurkeyThe Property Market in TurkeyThe real estate market is like a wave, it up and down with some period. the important point is that if you are buying when the waves down. so the question is how about the property market in Turkey now? 7.03.2017les merBuying Property in TurkeyBuying Property in TurkeyBuying property in Turkey is a safe and easy process provided buyers use the services of a reputable estate agent. Buying property is easy with Basic Alanya. We will tell you in 3 steps 1.02.2017les mer

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