New Foreign Investor Record in Alanya



According to the Housing Price Index, it was observed that 18 percent of the sales in September were made to foreign investors and thus, the ratio of foreign investors was one of the biggest leaps in the index history.
It was observed that 2 + 1 (34 percent) houses were predominant in foreign investors. It was followed by 1 + 1 and 4 + 1 dwellings with 25 percent and 3 + 1 percent and 20 percent respectively. Sales to foreign investors in the last six months were 11 percent in May, 10 percent in June, 9 percent in July and 11 percent in August.



The real estate growth rate in Alanya 30% and growth of the market will be continued. In the sale of property for foreigners in Alanya in September and October compared to the previous months. Compared to 2016, the Russian market increased by 50 percent this year. There is an increase in the sale of the property to foreigners in all markets, especially in Russian, Iranian and Arabs. The increase in the dollar and the euro also had an effect on this. They had the opportunity to buy the house they had bought in advance of 50 thousand euros, today, 40 thousand euros, and foreign investors have evaluated this opportunity.

there is a great deal of interest in selling property to the stranger. If 150 transactions are carried out per day, 50-60 of these are property sales made for foreigners. On the other hand, there is no bureaucratic procedures to interfere with sales. We give our documents in the morning, we get our deed in the afternoon. The investor is leaving satisfied. For this purpose, we would like to thank the staff of Alanya Land Registry Directorate. It took weeks to get the title, and people were being ripped off. Now I want to say that especially for the Russians. They really love Alanya. After the crisis in 2016, the Russians were traveling to other countries to better understand the value of Turkey. They saw they could not find these prices and the living standard of service they receive here and the trail turned back to Turkey with the confidence environment.


on the other hand, European property market is moving up in Alanya. Alanya Real Estate Brokers Association (ALEKOD) President Kerim Balıktay said im In Alanya, real estate sales will be better in winter. For several years the Europeans had cooled down here, but there was slow mobility. It needs to be evaluated well. At one point, we have turned to the Asian countries that have left the European countries and the sales to these countries are still going on. We want to be able to sell again to the European countries we wanted, and this started. We are trying to catch the best of 2018 in September and October. We cannot give a clear figure, but we can observe this from the market activity. The increase in the exchange rate resulted in a significant increase in the sales of apartments sold over TL. But I can't say the same thing for those who sell in foreign exchange

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