Council Tax in Turkey

Do I Pay Council Tax in Turkey?

The annual cost of a property in Turkey is low compared to France and Spain. However, When you have a property in Turkey, you are subject to pay council tax. The council tax is same for Turkish citizen and foreigner. After you buy Property in Turkey, you need to register your property to the local council(Municipality).

The following documents are necessary  to register in the municipality;

-Title deed copy

-passport copy

-Turkish Tax Number

-Iskan( habitation certificate) copy

How much is council tax in Turkey?

Council tax is paid by value of Property. Municipality Property value is usually 50% of real market value.  Council tax is paid every year and cost of council tax calculated as below;

Real estate outside the metropolitan municipality area

Lands : 0,3 %

Apartments: %0,1

Commercial :%0,2

Farming land 0%

Land allocated for construction purposes 0.3%

Real estate inside the metropolitan municipality area:

Residences 0.2%

Other buildings 0.4%

Land 0.2%


The council tax for 2 bedroom apartment in Alanya costs about 250 Turkish liras. However, as mentioned above this varies by city, location, and size

You don't have to pay all in once, you can pay twice a year. Usually, the credit card is not valid so you must pay cash.

When you are selling your Property all council tax has to be paid otherwise you can not sell your property.

FAQ About Council Tax in Turkey

Question: Can a person pay the council tax on my behalf?

Answer: Yes, a person can pay council tax on your behalf. He or she has to give details of the property or show a copy of the deed.


Question: If I am not paid on the time, how much is the Fine?

Answer: If you are not paid on time, only legal interest applies


Question: How If I am not in Turkey?

Answer: If you are not in Turkey, you can pay with their credit card with their online payment system. However, some of the municipality has not online payment system so we recommend either you pay when you come or a friend of you can pay for you

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