Getting Turkish Tax number and FAQ

Get Your Tax ID number in Turkey

Obtaining a Turkish Tax Number and Frequently Asked Questions

The Turkish tax number is one of the important steps for starting a new life in Turkey.  The tax number is essential to open a bank account, buying an apartment, get electric and water abonnement, get a residence permit, to establish a company in Turkey

You can get a tax number from local tax offices quickly. You should apply to the tax office with your passport and passport copy. On the passport copy, you should also write your mother's name, father's name and residence addresses. After you give the documents, The officer will issue the Turkish tax number written documents in 5 minutes.

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FAQ about Tax ID Number in Turkey

Q: How Do I find out what my tax number is?

A: Once you get your tax number we recommend you save it carefully because this is an important number in Turkey. But if you lost it, you can go to tax offices and learn your tax number again.

Q: When I have a tax number, should I pay tax?

A: Having a tax number not meaning you will pay tax to the Turkish tax offices.

Q: Where can I get a Tax number?

A: You can get from Local Tax Offices

Q: What documents do ı need to get a tax Number in Turkey?

A: Passport, passport copy, and address

Q: Why Tax number is necessary?

A: The tax number is essential to open a bank account, getting a residence permit, buying a property in Turkey

Q: Can anyone open a bank account in Turkey?

A: To open a bank account you should have a tax number and a water and electric bill in your country that shows your address. Just translate this bill and apply to a bank in Turkey

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