Planning Finance and Budget Before buying property in Turkey

At Basic Apartment, we always aim to find the perfect property for our clients. This is how we measure our success. Once you have decided to buy a property in Turkey we need to understand what kind of apartment you desire – lifestyle, a number of bedrooms, kitchen type, size, and location. Then we want to hear about those extras it would be lovely to have, such as an indoor pool or a jacuzzi, but most importantly we need to know your budget for buying your dream home in Turkey. Our aim is not to sell you the most expensive apartment available but to find you the perfect home for you in beautiful cities in Turkey. A well-planned budget when buying property, solve future finance troubles. As soon as we know what kind of property you desire we will draw on all of our expertise and experience to find several apartments we are sure you will love.

Planning Finance Before Buy Property in Turkey

We recommend you to check your finance before buy property in Turkey.  In this way, our teams will recommend relevant advice to you and you will not have any trouble in the future with finance.  Usually, the payment is done when the title deed of the property transferred, however, long-term installment payment is available for some properties.


Cash Payment

Once you agreed, about %5 payment is done with agreement and the rest is paid while title deed transfer. This amount can be transferred to the buyer's account, partly from account and partly at the land registry office or all paid in Tittle deed office by hand to hand. The payment options depend on your agreement. At Basic Apartment, we always together with  make our clients and makes choose the safest way

Long-Term Installment Payment

Long-Term installment payment is not common in Turkey But since it is demand from the clients this type of payment is available for some projects.  With installment payment generally, you pay at least 25% of total sum and rest is paid in a year period. the most important point with installment payment is who is behind the project? is the constructor trustable, is he strong with finance? with our 15 years experience in the market, we make all necessary investigation for our clients and we are sure about the constructor we offer installment payment for our client


Bank Loan in Turkey

If your finance is not enough the property you want to buy, You may get the loan from a Turkish bank. The loan may go up to 50%  of the expertise value in Turkey.  However, Expertise value might differ from the real value of the property. Basic Apartment real estate is working with leading private bank in Turkey that called Garantibank.


Once you have chosen your new home our agent will arrange the technical and legal inspections for you. Basic Apartment is ready and willing to overcome any hurdles that may arise with our knowledge and experience of local laws and regulations. Our agents will stop at nothing to help with everything you may need. We don't want to sell a large apartment where a smaller one is required or cause you any financial problems, our only aim is to help you find the right home. Once you have decided on your choice of the apartment we will follow the procedures laid out in the step-by-step-buying-guide-in-Turkey .


Choosing which home to buy in Turkey is a difficult decision but once your choice is made we will ensure that the process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Buying Guide

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