Property Buying Process in Alanya Shorter now

If a foreigners buying a property in Alanya in their own names, the properties not had to be in Turkish military strategic zones. When foreigners decided to buy property in Alanya, an application mad to Alanya land registry office. Land registry office was made application to the military officers and this procedure was taking about 6 weeks. 

This was very long time for foreigners so they were giving power of attorney to somebody who they can trust or they were coming again to buy property in Alanya. This was really exhausted for apartments buyers in Alanya.

Our company which is memeber of ALTSO was made aplication to chairman of ALTSO about this issue. after couble of meeting with military office in İzmir and meetings with department of governer we finally get a positive answers. 

Chairmen of altso declared that asking military when buying property in Alanya is finished now. from now when a foreigners want to buy property inAlanya to their name they can finished all procedurre within 2 days. 

we are so delightfull to announce this news for our beloved clients. thank you for following us

best regards



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