Apartment for sale in Turkey boasts with its warm, beautiful beaches, cities, prices, and modern designed apartments. Its becoming becomes popular with foreigner holiday home buyers.

The popular cities for foreign home buyers in Turkey are İstanbul, Fethiye, Bodrum, Yalova, Trabzon but Alanya is the most popular one.

Turkey is Europe’s most eastern country and Greece is a western neighbor country. Turkey is lies between western and eastern as a bridge. The bridge as physically and also culturally. Smiling people, beautiful country, historical places, natural landscape, and sandy beaches charming you. At Basic Apartment real estate, we offering apartments for sale in Turkey with professional and high-quality service.


Where to buy apartments in Turkey?

Istanbul, Bursa, Trabzon, Alanya, Fethiye, Antalya, Kemer, Kaş are popular cities to buy properties in Turkey.

At Basic Apartment, we offer the most popular cities in Turkey and our head office is located in Alanya.

Istanbul: with nearly 20million of the population, Istanbul is the busiest city in Turkey and one of the biggest cities in the World. Bosphorus borderline between Europe and Asia.  Istanbul apartments for sale in Turkey popular for foreigner and Turkish home buyers.


Antalya is the most famous holiday destination in the  World. Undoubtedly it becomes very popular for investors and holiday home seekers. Antalya has prime locations such as Konyaaltı, Lara, and Kundu.

Antalya Airport has direct flights from all European counties and in passenger

In 2018 more than 25 Million International passengers used Antalya International Airport.


Alanya makes 30% of the total foreigner real estate in Turkey. Alanya set down between Touros mountain and Turquas Mediterranean. You can find from cheap Property in Alanya to Luxury apartments and Villas. Also, many expats have their own business in Alanya like restaurants, Real estate agencies, and markets.

Basic Apartment has offices in Alanya to give full service while they are buying after purchased services.


Bodrum is the most popular place for rich Turkish holiday home seekers as well as international home investors.  The Building permit is not more than 3 floors in Bodrum so Mostly cheap villas and Luxury villas for sale in Bodrum. Bodrum boasts with its Luxury marinas, amazing sea views, luxury villas, and nice breezing weather.


Reason to buy apartments in Turkey

In the last few years, Turkey becomes one of the most sought after places for international apartment buyers. There are many reasons to buy an apartment in Turkey.

Turkey has located an excellent geographical location between Europe to Asia. In 3 hours flight, you can reach Turkey from many countries, including European countries, Russia, and Middle East countries. Since the Turkish population and Turkish Tourist number, there are direct flights from all European countries.

Especially southern cities like Antalya and Alanya has about 300 days sunny. Your home is warm and you can have sunbathing even winter days.

The Apartment price in Turkey still cheap comparing to Spain, Italy and France. The Apartment price starting as low as 30.000 euros and the price is increasing by about 10% every year.

Turkey is cheap to live in. Much fresh fruit and vegetables are producing in Turkey. The workmanship is locations comparing Europe as a result living in Turkey is cheap. Turkey is a retirement home for Some home buyers.

Turkish people are helpful to their guests. When they see a foreigner they are smiling and helpful. Come and enjoy this beautiful country.

About Basic Apartment Real Estate in Turkey

Basic Apartment pride to offer a wide portfolio in Turkey. Whether you are buying apartments or villas, we will be happy to assist you. Please contact us now for buying tips, questions, or our apartments for sale in Turkey.