How to Get Residence Permit in Turkey

If you want to stay more than 90 days in Turkey in 180 days period you need to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. If you have a property in Turkey you might want to stay in Turkey all the time. You can apply for a residence permit online from the link belove 

once you visit their web page there are 3 option to click

1. I lodge an application for residence permit for the first time

2. I apply for the extension of the duration of residence permit

3. I lodge a transfer application for residence permit

please click one of the options which is suitable for you and continue filling the form. After you fill the form, To get a first-time residence permit you need to visit the migration management office. You need to fill the online form and get the appointment to the nearest office of the Directorate General of Migration management. The residence permit fee may vary from individual nationalities.

Required Documents to get a residence permit

More documents may ask to depend on the type of visa you asked for. For more information, you can visit

Our customer will get free service to get a residence permit with a reasonable service fee. Please contact us to get a residence permit in Turkey.



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