Property insurance in Turkey

Property insurance in Turkey secure your home from any damages as lighting, water flood, storm, theft

You buy an overseas home but what if something happens? What if the water flood happen? What if earthquake happen? With Property insurance, you can relax and forget about it. When you buy an apartment from Basic Apartment, our service team will contact the selected insurance company to get an insurance policy and we renew every year when it is finished. 

Property insurance in Turkey secures your home from many damages as lighting, water flood, storm, theft, internal water damage, third party liability, earthquakes, electronic equipment damage, furniture damages and etc..

Property insurance in Turkey cheaper compared to Europeans countries. 2 bedroom apartments Property cost is about 100 Euros. However, the cost changes size of the apartment declares the value of Property and declares of the value of equipment inside. Insurance price may change from company to other companies however when you compare the price you should check the coverage of insurance policy.

Earthquake insurance called DASK in Turkey. Dask is obligatory to have. This is only covered earthquakes damages. It is about 20 euros for a 2-bedroom apartment.

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